Account This is a dynamic wave at the top of Center Chute. It's a great surf, but you'll have to get out and carry over an island to run it again. Which we did again, and again, and again.... This is a great boof that lands you in a very aerated hole that is backed up by another ledge. Expect the melt down and enjoy the ride. This is one of three cool rapids in the back channels of Rocky Island at this level.
Time 2006-01-15 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date January 7, 2006
River Reported Potomac
Reported Level 5.1' Low
Tim surfing Upper Center Chute
Photo of Tim McIntosh by John E Sunshine taken 01/15/06 @ 5.1'
Rocky Island, Middle Channel boof
Photo of John E Sunshine by Tim McIntosh taken 01/15/06 @ 5.1'
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