Account Recent floods have altered the stream bed and opened up the drops more. The right slot at Leap of Faith used to only come in around 5', it was running 3.8' in the photo. We all had similar lines and somehow no one pitoned on any of the submerged boulders in the LZ. This rapid is a cluster at these levels. There is a strong likelyhood that you'll either piton on the rocks, or broach on the large boulder at the bottom right of the drop. Nonetheless, it is a fun, technical drop. This is the rapid that convinced me to wear elbow pads when creeking.
Time 2005-07-15 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date July 9, 2005
River Reported Difficult Run
Reported Level 3.8' Low
Some pictures speak for themselves
Photo of Tim McIntosh by Jes Patch taken 07/15/05 @ 3.8'
Tiny boofing into the Rat's Nest
Photo of Tim McIntosh by John E Sunshine taken 07/15/05 @ 3.8'
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