Account This rapid is so much fun. There are lines on both sides and you have to link three and four moves together before you get to the eddy above the falls. If the water is high enough in the Potomac (many, many stars aligning) you can run the final twenty feet of gradient. Even without the waterfall, this rapid is high quality. The rain came, and came, and came some more.... 13 inches in three days. Scott's Run is a rare treat that offers several fun class 3 rapids and the final gorge that gets close to class 5.
Time 2006-06-05 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date June 25, 2006
River Reported Scott Run
Reported Level perfect Low
Tiny and Patches Worldwide
Photo of John E Sunshine by Tim McIntosh taken 06/05/06 @ perfect
Scott's Run gorge
Photo of some good gradient by John E Sunshine taken 06/05/06 @ perfect
author of album John Alden Details