Account There is no online gauge for the SF Merced and no staff gauge that I am aware of. This rock just upstream of the Highway 41 bridge over the SF Merced, may serve as a gauging landmark. Park in the large parking area in front of the Wawona store and walk the few feet to the river. Look around till you see this area. The level shown is probably just below marginally boatable. Another 6 inches up would probably be a very good flow. Close up view of the gauge rock by Wawona Store on the SF Merced. From the parking lot in front of the store near the highway 41 bridge, walk to the river and look for this rock. Most of the banks in the area are cobblestone.
Time 2007-04-15 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date April 1, 2007
River Reported Merced, S. Fork
Reported Level very low Low
Gauge Rock at Wawona
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 04/15/07 @ very low
Gauge Rock at Wawona-2
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 04/15/07 @ very low
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