Account Looking upstream from the bridge in Balch Camp, the NF looks full of trees. Fortunately this is the worst section of the run for trees. Tree hazards will change from year to year. High flows spill over the Balch Afterbay dam into the NF Kings river. This is much too high to boat, but it sure makes a nice picture. This gulley near the dam has been the standard put-in route. It is steeper than this picture makes it look. Kayakers can carry down it, but many will prefer to use ropes to lower their boats, especially in the last 30 feet to the river.
Time 2006-06-08 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date June 18, 2006
River Reported Kings, N. Fork
NF in Balch Camp
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 06/08/06
Spill at Balch afterbay dam
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 06/08/06
Descent Route
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 06/08/06
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