Account There is a staff gauge on the downstream river left side of the bridge over the NF Kings in Balch Camp. At the time of this picture the gauge read about 3.5 feet. Note that there are 3 seperate staff gauges in this picture. Two are clearly visible to the right of center, but a third for low flows is barely visible next to the rock in the lower left corner of this picture. <br> 3.5 = ? cfs (very high) <br> 2.8 = 650 cfs (medium high to high?)<br> 2.3 = 300 cfs (medium to low?)<br>
Time 2006-06-04 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date June 24, 2006
River Reported Kings, N. Fork
Reported Level high Low
Bridge with gauge
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 06/04/06 @ high
author of album Paul Martzen Details