Account This is Edison's dam #6 at the entrance to Chawanakee Gorge. Note that there are no gates on this dam. The water is spilling evenly over the whole width of the dam. The higher the flow, the higher the risk of being swept over. To portage the dam, paddlers must cross the warning buoys in the far background and hug the river right shore till near the dam. Then take out and scramble the last distance to the dam and cross into the trees. Downclimb, rappel, and lower boats as needed to reach the river.
Time 2003-05-05 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date May 15, 2003
River Reported San Joaquin
Reported Level 600 cfs Low
Spill !
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 05/05/03 @ 600 cfs
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