Account This is supposed to be a pic of a gauging rock instead of a duplicate waterfall pic. Oh well. It will get updated properly at some point. This is the downstream river right side abutment of the highway bridge. The flow shown in this picture is low for the Cherry Bomb Falls section, but medium to medium high for the SuperDink! section. The NKD gauge was showing between 350 and 250 cfs flow. This painted gauge is on the river right bridge support on the main road below the Dinkey Creek Campgrounds. The lines are about 3 inches apart. The water level shown is 34 inches below the ledge and was still excellent for the Infinislide but probably too low for the rest of the creek. The NF Kings below Dinkey Gauge read between 210 & 250 cfs the following day, but this relationship changes by season and probably by water year type.
Reported Date 2147483647
River Reported Dinkey Creek
Reported Level low Low
Gauging Rock at Dinkey Rd. Bridge
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 2147483647 @ low
Dinkey Creek-painted gauge
Photo by Paul Martzen taken 2147483647 @ low
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