Account This is a great class II/III run with one IV...lots of play, beautiful water, and easy access. Great level, beautiful, cold day. This rapid can be run either left of the big bowling pin rock or right...more moves to make on the left line, but right has a pretty sticky hole. This is a great rock for righty splatwheels, I call it Shawn rock because he can pretty much stay there all day.
River Reported North Chickamauga
Reported Level 2.0ft. Low
Pulling in
Photo of Ralph Anderson by Jamie Smith @ 2.0ft.
Bowling Alley of North Chick
Photo of Gabriel Womack by Jamie Smith @ 2.0ft.
Purple Haze
Photo of Mindy Freeman by Jamie Smith @ 2.0ft.
The Hole at Bowling Pin(Riverleft)
Photo of Tyler Freeman by Jamie Smith @ 2.0ft.
Photo of Shawn Malone by Jamie Smith @ 2.0ft.
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