Account Bear Creek Rapid has several lines to choose from. There's the right ramp, middle creek, waterfall and far left sneak. So, if you are into petoning onto shallow rock or getting worked in a hole, Bear Creek is guaranteed to please. The dam on Calderwood Lake was featured in the movie "Fugative" starring Harrison Ford. I like the sign better than the movie. God's Dam is a river wide 4 foot ledge that can be run almost anywhere. There is a fairly meaty hole on the right and rocks on the left. So, somewhere in the middle is the preferred line. This rapid actually isn't at the put-in, but it is the first rapid of note on the run. It is river wide and usually run straight down the center. At 1150 the hole at the bottom is easy to punch. At 1500 its easy to swim.......
Time 2005-10-01 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 10/1/05
River Reported Cheoah
Reported Level 1150 Low
(RM) Dam at Calderwood Lake
Photo by Rob Maxwell taken 10/01/05 @ 1150
(RM) Bear Creek Rapid
Photo by Rob Maxwell taken 10/01/05 @ 1150
(RM) God's Dam
Photo by Rob Maxwell taken 10/01/05 @ 1150
(RM) Put-In Rapid
Photo of Kevin Thomas by Rob Maxwell taken 10/01/05 @ 1150
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