Account Fun rapid, there is a decent sized pour over on river right just above the House Rock that gave us a bit of a surprise. I would say 3' should be the minimum not 2.3' . Entrance to the rapid. At this level there is pretty much just one line. Far river left, hug the rocks on the left while you go down the tongue. Eddy out on the right behind the island if you want and then do the second half which is straight forward.
Time 2006-05-27 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 5/27/06
River Reported Moose River
Reported Level 3' Low
Just below House Rock
Photo by Bill Shaughnessy taken 05/27/06 @ 3'
Entrance to Dogleg
Photo by Bill Shaughnessy taken 05/27/06 @ 3'
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