Account Upper Stuyvesant Falls. The line is to go through the slot where the tree is snagged on river right- boof, hug the pool, and ride the tongue back to the right in a zig- zag. In all the drop is 65-70 feet. First run in fall 2012 at 6 feet, this will run down to 3.25 before the landing onto the shelf is bare rock.
Time 2009-12-16 18:37:00 GMT
Reported Date 12/16/09
River Reported @Kinderhook Creek Valatie to Colombiaville
Reported Level 3.50 ft Medium
Gauge river 1333 Kinderhook Creek-Valatie to Stockport
Gauge Reading Given 3.5 ft
Photo taken 12/16/09 @ 3.50 ft
Photo by Alex B taken 12/16/09 @ 3.50 ft
author of album Alex Barham Details