Account Just for fun, a relief map of the Gauley area with some of the roads, rapids, and access points marked. Here's an aerial photo of the highly contentious Woods Ferry area. The horizontal white line is an artifact of the aerial photography. Photos courtesy of the WV Statewide Addressing and Mapping Board (SAMB) This is the same Woods Ferry area, this time in color infrared photography. Red indicates live vegetation, so the pine trees and grass stand out in this winter-time scene. This photo was taken in 1996; compare it to the 2003 version in the other Woods Ferry map. The Nicholas County Veterans Memorial Park. Map designed for printing on 11x17 paper.
River Reported Gauley
Woods Ferry Aerial Photo
Photo by Bill Kirby
Woods Ferry Map, Infrared
Photo by Bill Kirby
Gauley Relief Map, designed for 11x17 printing. Big File!
Photo of Gauley River by Bill Kirby
Gauley Festival Aerial Map
Photo by Bill Kirby
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