Account This was during the first KNOWN decent of Fall Creek in Adams County Illinois. If anyone knows otherwise please let me know. This was at low water, but still fun. More pics as they develop. Hangin out in the low water below the #2 drop. Taken on the First KNOWN decent, let us know if somone has run it before.
Time 2004-10-19 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 10/19/04
River Reported Fall Creek
fall creek-no climbing! Bummer...
Photo of Sign at start of fall creek trail by randy wells taken 10/19/04
Fall creek drop #2
Photo of Clint Begley by randy wells taken 10/19/04
clint and mark below #2 falls
Photo of Clint Begley and Mark Bokish by randy wells taken 10/19/04
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