Account Kind of consequential for a park and huck, but a lot of fun. Line to the first ledge is very straight forward, anyone looking to run will want to hit that ledge a few inches to RL of where I hit it. This will make the boof come out a little better then it did for me. Hole at the bottom was pretty friendly when I hit it, but no guarantees (take as far to the RR as possible)... The left line all the way down looks inviting but is likely seived out. In addition a reliable sources mentioned something about rebar somewhere in the rapid, so be careful.
Time 2006-03-28 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 3/28/06
River Reported Skykomish, S. Fork
Reported Level 1660 at Goldbar Low
Recent Run on Eagle Falls
Photo of Jeff Bowman by Brett Barton taken 03/28/06 @ 1660 at Goldbar
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