Account First main drop on the Farmill is right next to a house so scout on river right only. at higher water, you want to be just a little bit more river left to catch the flake that will autoboof you half way down the drop and move you past the hole that forms. Far right is not the place to be. immediately after the first water fall by the house (you can see the house in the background) is this old dam. The safest route is far far river left so you land on the angled rock and avoid the hole in the middle. at low levels, this drop is good to go anywhere in the center. At medium levels you need to be just a bit left of center to catch the auto boof flake that is half way down the drop, or just barely right of center to boof the highest point of the horizon line. At high levels you need to take the left of center line. At no level do you want to go all the way right. You'll run into a wall and get surfed hard. Last drop, about 500 ft from takeout James being James. Hit the rooster tail for the auto boof and you will be in good enough shape to give the peace sign or whatever you want. Miss the rooster tail and mess up the boof and you might pencil in and find one of the shallow rocks at the base that has fallen in from the old stone wall on river left. Jeff cranking a boof on the last drop. Run up and do it again and again and again as the homeowners up on the hill watch. Jim remembering what Leland taught him by hitting the line and doing a good boof. just hit that rooster tail and all is good wait wait wait, grimace then BOOF and land in soft aerated water also referred to as Z Turn by some paddlers Henry is in the last drop/hole of this tight rapid Jim swings wide to take on the full force of the first drop/hole James takes the corner tight on the left side to set up for some speed through the top drop/hole and carry momentum to the right for the bottom one Jeff takes the classic middle approach to boof over both drop/holes in this rapid what would you do if you looked out of your condo window and saw this bunch motley fools pulling a tree out of the river? One of them even has a lozer on his strange rubber skirt there seems to be a log that must be removed from left turn every year. Good thing this one was small and we had a saw on this trip. You float into this rapid a bit blind, so it's always worth a quick look before heading down.
River Reported Far Mill
Reported Level Low Low
Photo of James by Scott Barnes @ Low
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Photo of Jim by Scott Barnes @ Low
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Photo by Scott Barnes @ Low
First Main Drop on the Farmill
Photo by Scott Barnes @ Low
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