Account scouting right side of Elephant Rock, good idea if possible. paddler Jim Janney (red helmet pictured) ran it. he was sucked under - just before - the lip of the drop. resurfaced near islands end. said he was temporarily pinned/pinched while under. photo taken from the undercut used to scout/hike around the drop before running. low water, taken from my boat...didn't break any rules for this shot. taken in the smoothest/steepest walled part of the chasm, as you exit, past the Hudson river co. put-in. this will show the I-beam worth taking a look at before running. can't remember the name of the boater just finishing the run. river was almost too low, but not hard to scout at 320 cfs (a generous guess at level). note - this was taken while scouting, and for future referance. the hazard may not be visible at higher water.
Time 2005-07-04 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date July 24, 2005
River Reported Ausable
Reported Level 300 cfs Low
rapid #4, Devils oven (?)
Photo of scouting the right side line by Adrian taken 07/04/05 @ 300 cfs
exiting the gorge
Photo of Jim Janney and the Shredder guys by Adrian taken 07/04/05 @ 300 cfs
looking up
Photo by Adrian taken 07/04/05 @ 300 cfs
I - beam rapid
Photo by Adrian taken 07/04/05 @ 300 cfs
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