Account "The Tooth" is a fun triple-drop rapid in the middle of the Gorge Section of Sullivan. Stay right of the pyramid-shaped rock on the last drop that gives this rapid its name. Itchy & Scratchy is the last Class V finale as you exit the gorge. The takeout is just around the corner after about another 1/4 mile of Class IV boogie water. This rapid can be run on either side, depending on water levels, but take a look and watch out for wood!
Time 2002-09-15 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date September 2002
River Reported Sullivan Creek
Reported Level Low Low
Steve over Itchy
Photo of Steve Merrick by James P Black taken 09/15/02 @ Low
James Cleans "The Tooth"
Photo of James P Black by Steve Merrick taken 09/15/02 @ Low
author of album Steve Merrick Details