Account second rapid (satans kingdom gorge) this is a great run, we start up in Riverton and kayak 15 miles to Collinsville, there is a rope swing in the trees along the way, and plenty of places to stop off for lunch, at the end you can grab dinner at LaSalle Market & Deli. Description: The Farmington River between Satan's Kingdom and Collinsville has deeper water than other section and so it is runnable in dryer periods. There are mainly sections of Class II rapids with one Class III+ in the Satan's Kingdom gorge. A portion of this trip is used by a river tubing concession in summer. Sections Of The White Water Run: Launching from the parking area at Satan's Kingdom, the rapids begin immediately with a nice II section beginning under the Route 44 bridge. The river then enters the gorge. The III+ rapid is near the end of the gorge and features a huge bolder that blocks an easy exit from the rapid. It is possible to carry on the right bank but be prepared to walk on large boulders to get around. One can view the gorge from the Route 44 bridge to get a view of the rapids.
Time 2011-06-05 02:24:00 GMT
Reported Date 06/05/11
River Reported @Farmington, W.Br. Riverton to Satan's Kingdom parking area
Gauge river 445 Farmington - Riverton-Riverton to Satan's Kingdom parking area
satan's Kingdom
Photo by Chris taken 06/05/11
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