Account <br>Adriene Levknecht at the top of the bottom drop of Chief with 25" on the stick gauge. The rock that she's paddling <br>over is normally several feet out of water. Her boat is a prototype of the Liquid Logic Stomper.<br><br> To see this whole stretch of the Narrows at these levels is awe inspiring. One is astounded at the quality and <br>difficulty of the run, with zero room given for minor errors. Being there in person at high water like this reminds <br>you why the Green is such a world famous place.<br><br>
Time 2011-03-07 14:25:00 GMT
Reported Date 03/07/11
River Reported @Green 2. Green Narrows
Reported Level 25 inches Medium
Gauge river 1080 Green-Narrows of the Green
Gauge Reading Given 25 inches
Chief at 25"
Photo of Adriene Levknecht by Shane Benedict taken 03/07/11 @ 25 inches
author of album John Pilson Details