Account Farmington River, Tariffville Gorge, gauge @3.8' ~2200cfs, old bridge piers "the Abutments," most downstream (4th) pier on Tariffville (west) side, new strainer completely blocking river-right channel. Danger persists at all levels until tree is removed. Location: [41.905576, -72.760363]
Time 2013-08-11 19:45:00 GMT
Reported Date 08/11/13
River Reported @Farmington Tariffville (Route 189) to Highway 187 (Tariffville Gorge)
Reported Level 3.80 ft Medium
Gauge river 443 Farmington-Tariffville (Route 189) to Highway 187 (Tariffville Gorge)
Gauge Reading Given 3.8 ft
DANGER - new strainer
Photo of river hazard by David Su taken 08/11/13 @ 3.80 ft
author of album David Su Details