Account Rolund McNutt is exactly on the correct right side line to sneak past Powerhouse Hole. He is exactly on top of a thin tongue that feeds through. He did not slow down at all or get submerged. Boaters who were a little bit further out, generally made it through but after getting stalled a bit. Boaters who dropped into the center got stopped and cartwheeled.
Time 2013-08-19 18:45:00 GMT
Reported Date 08/19/13
River Reported @San Joaquin 3. Horseshoe Bend (Redinger Dam to Kerckhoff Reservoir)
Reported Level low runnable level Medium
Gauge river 287 San Joaquin-4. Redinger Dam to Kerckhoff Reservoir
Avoiding Powerhouse Hole
Photo of Rolund McNutt by Paul Martzen taken 08/19/13 @ low runnable level
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