Account The river left line is almost completely dry at this level. But a chute opens up that runs more or less parallel to the lip of the far left falls and drops over into the center falls pool. The height is probably around 5-7 feet shorter than the main center falls. At the bottom of this drop, it looks like a shallow ledge on the left, but the pool center and right are deep. Just out of frame to the left is a big 8ft pourover that has a nasty hole but you can pull out if you choose not to run it.
Time 2013-09-02 21:06:00 GMT
Reported Date 09/02/13
River Reported @Kootenai Libby to Troy
Reported Level 8000 cfs Medium
Gauge river 1011 Kootenai-Libby to Troy
Gauge Reading Given 8000 cfs
Kootenai Falls @ 8000 cfs
Photo of Clinton Begley by Clinton Begley taken 09/02/13 @ 8000 cfs
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