Account Surf spot at bear creek confluence. 1200-1400 cfs is the best surfing level on this creek. Some things wash out above that and other places get to big or squirly. You can still take a playboat safely at a little over 2000, just might not be worth it. 3000 you want a creeker for sure. Only creek in town with a USGS gauge so needless to say its been done A LOT.
Time 2010-09-15 19:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 09/15/10
River Reported @Walnut Creek Millfair Road to Lake Erie
Reported Level 1200 cfs Medium
Gauge river 4408 Walnut Creek-Millfair Road to Lake Erie
Gauge Reading Given 1200 cfs
The classic Erie PA micro. 37 square mile drainage, same size as 20 mile in NY
Photo of Alden Elliot by Ted Engelhardt taken 09/15/10 @ 1200 cfs
author of album Ted Engelhardt Details