Account This photo is an image capture from this video link below. I couldn't get the file to upload to AW. The video gives a good idea of the character of the Boulder Pile rapids on Laurel Creek at 350 cfs. This is either Boulder Pile 2 or 3... not sure which. Copy and paste for video...
Time 2013-12-17 15:36:00 GMT
Reported Date 12/17/13
River Reported @Laurel Creek (Cherry trib) Jetsville (CR 39/14) to Fenwick (Cherry confluence)
Reported Level 350 cfs Medium
Gauge river 2392 Laurel Creek (Cherry trib)-Jetsville (CR 39/14) to Fenwick (Cherry confluen
Gauge Reading Given 350 cfs
Carolyn in Boulder Pile
Photo of Carolyn DeVenney by Jeff Macklin taken 12/17/13 @ 350 cfs
author of album Jeff Macklin Details