Account Ran the lower falls left of the island. Right of the island would have been too shallow. The play spot wave above the island was fine. Tom's Challenge was a bit too shallow. Each time I got caught on the lip and had to 'scoot' myself over. The third time I got stood up as the bow hit the flat limestone in about a foot of water. Not the best level. But, the Viewing Platform falls was fine. Plenty of water going over with no problems. The Run Out Rapid was also too shallow. Not a deep enough channel anywhere and had to do some hand pushing.
Time 2014-06-30 23:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 06/30/14
River Reported @Tahquamenon Upper Falls to Lower Falls (4.1 miles)
Reported Level 519 cfs Medium
Gauge river 6169 Tahquamenon-Upper Falls to Lower Falls (4.1 miles, or 2 PnHs)
Gauge Reading Given 519 cfs
author of album Doug Heym Details