Account Five of us put in under the 171 bridge west of Carthage near the Brooklyn Heights exit, take Hyacinth to County Road 193. Parking isn't the safest, but out cars were not bothered. Floated to Stone Corner Access, roughly 8 miles in about 5 hours. Current was good, no low spots. A bit fast for beginners. Creek was mostly clear of obstacles. We used the Center Creek gauge at Smithtown which read 4.25 that day.
Time 2015-06-28 04:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 06/28/15
River Reported @Center Creek Carthage to Belleville (26.5 miles)
Reported Level 4.25 ft Medium
Gauge river 968 Center Creek-Carthage to Belleville
Gauge Reading Given 4.25 ft
author of album Seth Vannaman Details