Account Ran this run 2 weeks ago at around 240 cfs. At current levels of ~70cfs, several features appear to have created potentially dangerous hydraulics not seen at levels of ~30 cfs or ~240 cfs previously paddled. Scouting would be advisable for some of the middle drops, and portaging would be wise if you arent comfortable with the strong possibility of rolling in violent water.
Time 2016-05-07 18:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 05/07/16
River Reported @Escanaba, E.Br. Sands Plains Run: Section 20 Bridge to W.Iron Street (2 - 8.4
Reported Level 67 cfs Medium
Gauge river 4316 Escanaba, E.Br.-Section 20 Bridge to O'Neal Creek confluence
Gauge Reading Given 67 cfs
author of album Ryan Franchi Details