Account Bridge (III) .1 mile, This rapid starts immediately after put in pool with no time for a warm up. I recommend scouting the first rapid and call that your warm up. The entrance was easy with a few moves throughout. We entered left moving center and exited left around a middle rock that have flipped both of my buddies, although both sides of the middle rock are a go. Then some boogie water to the next rapid. Nice recovery pool following this rapid However, a swim at the entrance will be long and bumpy. Scout right.
Time 2016-06-03 19:31:00 GMT
Reported Date 06/03/16
River Reported @Mokelumne 4.2)Ponderosa Way to Electra Picnic area
Reported Level 1100 cfs Medium
Gauge river 5766 Mokelumne-Ponderosa Way to Electra Picnic area
Gauge Reading Given 1100 cfs
Bridge Rapid Entrance
Photo by Mario Blackwell taken 06/03/16 @ 1100 cfs
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