Account Immediately downstream of a pedestrian bridge at 8th Street (which dead-ends either side of the river), a very interesting hydraulic jump occurs. For whatever reason, this one is not like all others I've seen in town. It is not straight perpendicular to the flow and does not have a sheer vertical face. Instead, all faces are sloping, and it stays high on the right half for about 12' further than on the left half, making for VERY contorted currents when flows are elevated.
Time 2017-02-24 21:32:00 GMT
Reported Date 02/24/17
River Reported @Kinnickinnic S.43rd Street to S.Chase Ave. (4.1 miles)
Gauge river 10942 Kinnickinnic-S.43rd Street to S.Chase Ave. (4.1 miles)
8th Street Ledge
Photo taken 02/24/17
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