Account Put in above the University of Maryland on Metzerott Road at Acredale Park. Easy walk down to river. The Riverdale Gauge on the Northeast Branch was at 1.5 feet after heavy rains two days before. This is the minimum level you probably want to run the river. Northeast Branch goes through some nice scenic areas for 2 miles with small Class I and II rapids. We had to portage 5 times because of downed trees or other obstructions. The last mile is boring as it goes through open areas where the river has been channeled. You end up at Bladensburg Marina. The roughly 4 mile trip took 3 hours. A Bike Trail runs parallel for most of the river, although usually out of sight.
Time 2017-07-30 14:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 07/30/17
River Reported Riverdale Gauge 36375
Reported Level Medium
Gauge Reading Given 1.5 ft
author of album Elliott E Hamilton Details