Account Good boatable flow. Put-in at CR-3. Take-out 7.8 miles downstreem at CR-19, river right, just past the bridge. Flow at 1700 cfs @ USGS 05338500 SNAKE RIVER NEAR PINE CITY, MN gauge. More than a half dozen fun class 1 to barely class 2 rapids sections at this flow all contained within the second half of the run. Beginners will love it at this flow.
Time 2018-08-30 17:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 08/30/18
River Reported @Snake from CR-3 to CR-19
Reported Level 1700 cfs Medium
Gauge river 957 Snake-B) Township Road (East of Woodland) to Mora
Gauge Reading Given 1700 cfs
author of album Robert Earl Gillies Details