Account This shows (at least a little bit) how dangerous a tree in the water can be, as it accumulates other woody debris! The (initial, biggest) first problem is the LARGE tree which fell across the river due to the soil having been eroded out from under it. (The 'root ball' is center-frame, the main trunk almost entirely submerged to the right of it.) You can see it has snagged a large branch (mostly above water above the main trunk). Less obvious is another log/tree-trunk in the water upstream, submerged against the middle of the main trunk (causing a hump in the water/flow), and angling diagonally up to river-right (photo-left) shore.
Time 2018-09-25 13:47:00 GMT
Reported Date 09/25/18
River Reported @Menomonee A) MenFalls: Main Street bridge to next bridge (0.4 mile)
Gauge river 2653 Menomonee-A) MenFalls: Main Street bridge to next bridge
Photo by Rob Smage taken 09/25/18
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