Account This is the abandoned First Energy (a.k.a. Ohio Edison, previously Northern Ohio Traction & Light) gorge powerhouse. The current powerhouse (built in 1945) is located on the river left about 0.8 mile downstream from Anchor Rock, and visible from the Front Street Bridge. It was a larger annex to the original powerhouse built in 1912. The original power house was demolished in 1965. It is not known if demolition debris was removed or dumped in the river. The dam pool provided a water supply for the coal fired powerhouse, and a hydroelectric plant downstream from the dam. (Blower, J.M., Korach, R.S. The NOT&L Story, p. 114. Fox Valley Printing Co., S. Elgin, IL, 1966)
Time 2005-05-09 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 05/09/2005
River Reported Cuyahoga
Abandoned Ohio Edison (NOT & L) Power Plant
Photo by M. Musgrave taken 05/09/05
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