Account These huge boulders (notice the man sporting a dashing derby near top) sit on the river bed downstream of Anchor rock and upstream of the Big Falls of the Cuyahoga. Best low water route is unknown since it has been completly submerged by the Ohio Edison dam pool for at least 90 years. Current sneak route is over the top. There is no souse hole to watch for. The middle gorge offered some white water prior to its drowning. Once a nice place to take a dip. Now the water is a lot deeper than it looks. Strairsteps is a series of narrow ledges running straight on. Currently these steps lead only deeper into the abyss.
Reported Date Prior to 1913
River Reported Cuyahoga
Stairsteps deeper into the abyss
Photo of Series of narrow ledges by taken Prior to 1913
Buried boulders on river bed
Photo by taken Prior to 1913
Big White Water under water
Photo by taken Prior to 1913
Three ledges to the pool
Photo by taken Prior to 1913
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