Account Tom Halladay running a 7 foot drop. I actually got stuck in the recirculation, but was able to push off the dam wall with my paddle. Ed dropped in behind me and also got stuck. Ed Rohrbach running one of the 11 dams on the Brandywine
Time 2008-11-16 05:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 1226811600
River Reported Brandywine Creek
Reported Level 2.75 Low
7 Foot Dam
Photo of Tom Halladay by Brian Wiley taken 11/16/08 @ 2.75
River Map
Photo of Brandywine Creek with Dam Markers by Tom Halladay taken 11/16/08 @ 2.75
Double Drop
Photo of Ed Rohrbach by Brian Wiley taken 11/16/08 @ 2.75
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