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Bridal Veil


Account This is the top move. Boaters enjoying the playhole below paddlesnake ledge. Mark Hicks in the colorful boat. This boater has just dropped down the middle line at Oceana and is about to surf across the thing on a low Saturday release level. On Sundays at 700 cfs the wave is much much bigger. After the first boof, this convoluted ledge hole thing is waiting for you. Most people grab an eddy on river right after this move, then set up for the final third of the rapid.
Time 2001-09-10 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 9-10-01
River Reported Tallulah
Author of report
Reported Level 500 cfs
Photos/Videos page 1 of 8

Oceana from the Playhole

Detail Trip Report  Oceana from the Playhole  Tallulah, GA(84.48KB .jpeg)

Top of the Gauntlet

Detail Trip Report  Top of the Gauntlet  Tallulah, GA(105.33KB .jpeg)

The Big Slide

Detail Trip Report  The Big Slide  Tallulah, GA(95.52KB .jpeg)

Paddlesnake ledge

Detail Trip Report  Paddlesnake ledge  Tallulah, GA(107.67KB .jpeg)

Tallulah Powerhouse

Detail Trip Report  Tallulah Powerhouse  Tallulah, GA(93.42KB .jpeg)

Surfing the Thing

Detail Trip Report  Surfing the Thing  Tallulah, GA(64.65KB .jpeg)

Second move in the Gauntlet

Detail Trip Report  Second move in the Gauntlet  Tallulah, GA(99.19KB .jpeg)

Bridal Veil

Detail Trip Report  Bridal Veil  Tallulah, GA(97.50KB .jpeg)

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