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Hell Hole Sieve


Account This is the crux move of NCO, you want to stay right and be in control, the current pushes hard left into multiple sieves. Not the preferred line! A little farther river left would have been better. Current pushes hard into this sieve, I have been told that a Wavesport Lazer went into this and has never come out.
Time 2004-03-03 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date March 13 2004
River Reported Rio Grande
Author of report
Brian Adkins
Boulder, Co
Reported Level 500cfs
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Detail Trip Report  NCO  Rio Grande, NM(34.09KB .jpeg)

Hell Hole

Detail Trip Report  Hell Hole  Rio Grande, NM(33.51KB .jpeg)

Hell Hole Sieve

Detail Trip Report  Hell Hole Sieve  Rio Grande, NM(33.90KB .jpeg)

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