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Powerline Rapid


Account River left line This is the first drop on the left it is easy. The next drop is a problem. The bottom of the left line is not wide enough for a boat. Ok, I think hucking this falls is foolish but it has been done and the creek is essentially part of the Chauram Park.
River Reported Chauga - 3
Author of report
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Detail Trip Report  Pumphouse  Chauga - 3, SC(111.59KB .jpeg)

Powerline Rapid

Detail Trip Report  Powerline Rapid  Chauga - 3, SC(41.49KB .jpeg)


Detail Trip Report  Entrance  Chauga - 3, SC(39.66KB .jpeg)

Park Entrance

Detail Trip Report  Park Entrance  Chauga - 3, SC(42.55KB .jpeg)

Pumphouse left

Detail Trip Report  Pumphouse left  Chauga - 3, SC(36.05KB .jpeg)

Suicide Slide

Detail Trip Report  Suicide Slide  Chauga - 3, SC(38.29KB .jpeg)

Other side of the can opener

Detail Trip Report  Other side of the can opener  Chauga - 3, SC(40.16KB .jpeg)

Far left at the Suicide Slide

Detail Trip Report  Far left at the Suicide Slide  Chauga - 3, SC(34.52KB .jpeg)

Jammed in the crack

Detail Trip Report  Jammed in the crack  Chauga - 3, SC(38.56KB .jpeg)

Glass Rapid

Detail Trip Report  Glass Rapid  Chauga - 3, SC(38.11KB .jpeg)

Glass Rapid from the bottom

Detail Trip Report  Glass Rapid from the bottom  Chauga - 3, SC(35.26KB .jpeg)

Park and Huck?

Detail Trip Report  Park and Huck?  Chauga - 3, SC(141.49KB .jpeg)

Powerline Rapid

Detail Trip Report  Powerline Rapid  Chauga - 3, SC(144.07KB .jpeg)

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