Second Drop of a BIG waterfall


Account As you can see in the picture there was wood in the regular line. We snuck down river right and boofed into the pool. The wood is in the main line and is very dangerous. You can actually scout "No Scout" but make sure you get one of the last eddies. We had to much fun running the rapid to get a picture of someone in the rapid. Don't know if that is the real name of the rapid. It is called that because the way you run it. Hey Diddle Diddle right down the middle! Last part of Hey Diddle Diddle. Keeping your bow up and your boat straight is a good idea. As you can see this slide starts at the base of a dam and runs next to powerhouse. This is the second (and smaller part) of a 2 stage waterfall on the run. The first part is part waterfall part dam and is huge. They look unrunnable to me.
Time 2007-04-29 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 4/29/2007
River Reported Chateaugay
Author of report
Jim Dobbins
561 Shorecliff Dr
Rochester, NY 14612
Chateaugay [NY]
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Mike running "The Dam Slide"

Detail Trip Report  Mike running "The Dam Slide"  Chateaugay, ny(813.10KB .jpeg)

The entrance to "No Scout"

Detail Trip Report  The entrance to "No Scout"  Chateaugay, ny(1.86MB .jpeg)

No Scout Entrance

Detail Trip Report  No Scout Entrance  Chateaugay, ny(1.43MB .jpeg)

Nearing the end of No Scout

Detail Trip Report  Nearing the end of No Scout  Chateaugay, ny(1.40MB .jpeg)

Fun and fast

Detail Trip Report  Fun and fast  Chateaugay, ny(1.29MB .jpeg)

End of a fun rapid

Detail Trip Report  End of a fun rapid  Chateaugay, ny(1.22MB .jpeg)

"The Dam Slide"

Detail Trip Report  "The Dam Slide"  Chateaugay, ny(958.84KB .jpeg)

Second Drop of a BIG waterfall

Detail Trip Report  Second Drop of a BIG waterfall  Chateaugay, ny(1.28MB .jpeg)

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