Account When you see these walls get ready for the Snake Dance. On our first trip down Daddy's in 1993, the level was 2.6'. Gary Gurkin jumped into the eddy, which forms at high water, upstream of this rock. The eddy has no exits since so much water is draining out under the rock. After spinning around in circles his canoe got wedged in the crack. It started backing up water until the pressure was so great that his canoe shot out like a pumkin seed, followed by Gary. It struck me as funny and I laughed until it hurt. Every since then we have called it Gurkin's Crack. In 2002 I asked him to do it again for the camera and here's what I got. Don't go anywhere near upstream of this rock. Richard Mann in the Rockin' Chair. Note the emerald green, crystal clear water. This is a good place for lunch after paddling the Snake. You've made it through the most challenging rapids but the fun is just begining.
Time 2002-03-15 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date March 2002
River Reported Daddy's Creek
Reported Level 1.3? Low
Daddy's Creek Canyon scenery
Photo by Robert Martin taken 03/15/02 @ 1.3?
Gurkin's Crack
Photo of Gary Gurkin by Robert Martin taken 03/15/02 @ 1.3?
In the Rockin' Chair.
Photo of Richard Mann by Stu Thompson taken 03/15/02 @ 1.3?
Lunch Stop at the Crack.
Photo by Robert Martin taken 03/15/02 @ 1.3?
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