Typical Ledge/drop on Baird


Account This short (park-and-carry-up) run hosts a good number of short ledges such as seen in this photo. At good flows, some may provide a bit of repeat play (surfs and spins). All will be quite shallow, so no vertical moves, and any flips will likely result in contacting the bedrock bottom. Pools are generally short, so you'll have to be quite aggressive to stop and stay in the pool for any repeat play. Mostly, the run is fun to just bobble down some fine continuous in-town gradient.
Time 2011-03-20 21:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 03/20/11
River Reported @Baird Creek Moon Valley Drive to end of gradient (0.6 mile)
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Reported Level 240 cfs

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Gauge Reading Given 240 cfs
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Typical Ledge/drop on Baird

Detail Trip Report  Typical Ledge/drop on Baird  @Baird Creek Moon Valley Drive to end of gradient (0.6 mile), WI(518.16KB .jpeg)

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