Roaring Creek, Upper Section


Account Upper section with a little more water than old 2003 image. A video by Steve Blades with instructional timestamp comments by Jim Snyder is here: Gauge on Rt 26 bridge for this day/image was 6"+
Time 2018-02-17 16:15:00 GMT
Reported Date 02/17/18
River Reported @Roaring Creek County Rd. 3-12 to Cheat River
Author of report
Jeff Macklin
Penn, PA 15675
Roaring Creek [WV]
Reported Level a good level

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Roaring Creek-County Rd. 3-12 to Cheat River (AW#40041)

-0.7 r.c. 00h47m

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Roaring Creek, Upper Section

Detail Trip Report  Roaring Creek, Upper Section  @Roaring Creek County Rd. 3-12 to Cheat River, WV(9.13MB .jpeg)

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