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NT Rapids


Account At 1121 feet long, this photo is from the part above the turn and is tight with a series of separate, small drops over boulders. The rapids goes around the corner an ends at the Newald Tower Rd takeout.
Time 2015-07-09 20:00:00 GMT
Reported Date 07/09/15
River Reported @Popple A) MacArthur Pine Rd to Newald Tower Rd. (21.2 miles)
Author of report
Reported Level 216 cfs

Disclaimer Data Sources

Popple-A)Twin Rivers Rd to Newald Tower Rd (5.4 miles) (AW#249335)

0.5 r.c. 3y158d08h58m

Gauge Reading Given 216 cfs
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NT Rapids

Detail Trip Report  NT Rapids  @Popple A) MacArthur Pine Rd to Newald Tower Rd. (21.2 miles), WI(240.87KB .jpeg)

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