Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
22d04h38m @Klamath 04. Stateline to Iron Gate (inundated) [ ] Ward's Canyon Flow Study 700 cfs 700 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
22d07h38m [ ] Ward's Canyon Flow Study 800 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
24d06h38m @Klamath 01. Keno Dam to Pioneer Park (Hwy 66) [OR] Keno Flow Study 800 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
26d03h38m @Lewis, N. Fork 2. FR 88 to Quartz Creek (Upper) [WA] Upper Lewis Scouting Trip 935 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
26d06h38m @Lewis, N. Fork 5. FR 9039 to Swift Reservoir (Lower) [WA] North Fork Lewis 935 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
26d08h33m Nason-2. Merritt to Coles Corner (Lower) [WA] Glady Fork of Cheat River, WV from US 33 Bridge to Sully 0.00 ft Toni Rudisill
41d05h38m @Skykomish, N. Fork 2. Bear Creek (Drumbeater) to South Fork confluence [WA] North Fork Skykomish Trip 1900 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
41d07h08m Nason-2. Merritt to Coles Corner (Lower) [WA] Lower Nason 924 cfs Megan P Kelly
47d07h38m @Lime Creek 03. 3rd Gorge [CO] Wood Below Ledge Drop 130 cfs Drew Althage
49d01h38m @Snoqualmie, S. Fork 2. Twin Falls State Park to 436th St. Bridge [WA] Canoe Trip on the South Fork Snoqualmie 550 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
49d19h14m @Jarbidge Jarbidge Forks to Bruneau River (Indian Hot Springs) [ID] Self- isolation on the Jarbige 900 cfs Dave Steindorf
55d06h38m @Sauk 2 - Whitechuck River to Darrington [WA] Sauk River Launch 0 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
61d04h38m @Green 3 - Flaming Geyser State Park to 212 Way SE Bridge (Yo-Yo) [WA] Double Trouble 1880 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
61d23h38m Glover @Rd 56000 near Octavia to Hwy 3 near North Pole (25 miles) [OK] Account of 05/02/20 4.60 ft Justin Freels
68d09h08m Narraguagus River at Cherryfield, Maine [ME] Narraguagus from Rt. 9 to Deblois 550 cfs Thomas Beebe
222d05h38m @South Platte 05. Waterton Canyon [CO] South Platte @05. Waterton Canyon 0 cfs wreeves
244d09h49m CUMBERLAND RIVER AT WILLIAMSBURG, KY [KY] Cumberland Falls to Noe's Dock 3000 cfs Rick S
254d05h38m Big Laurel Creek-Hurricane to Hot Springs [NC] Temple Stream Fall Rain Run 0.00 ft Connor Marland
306d09h38m Big Laurel Creek-Hurricane to Hot Springs [NC] Etowah - Castleberry Bridge to Hwy 136 142 cfs David Wood
308d08h42m Yosemite Creek [ ] Yosemite Creek scouting expedition for next year 160 cfs alex keeton