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Report - Recent Reports

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.


When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
05h33m @Brush Creek to French Broad River [NC] Typical upstream view n/a Matt Jackson
78h17m @Big Laurel Creek Hurricane to Hot Springs [NC] First main rapid 0 cfs Matt Jackson
78h18m @Big Hungry Creek Big Hungry Road to Green [NC] Twin Cheeks 0 cfs Matt Jackson
78h20m @Yellow Creek SR 1242 to Cheoah/ US 129 [NC] One of the final drops 0 cfs Matt Jackson
78h21m @Yellow Creek SR 1242 to Cheoah/ US 129 [NC] Beneath the Falls n/a Matt Jackson
5d13h06m @Tanasee Creek in Pisgah [NC] bottom of one of the drops n/a Matt Jackson
12d00h35m @Tanasee Creek in Pisgah [NC] Tanasee 0 cfs Matt Jackson
18d09h41m @Tanasee Creek in Pisgah [NC] 8/3/2018 0 cfs Matt Jackson
37d09h52m @Little (Fr.Broad trib) 1. Triple Falls [NC] First Drop n/a Matt Jackson
54d03h08m @Brush Creek to French Broad River [NC] Slide n/a Matt Jackson
71d18h11m @Davidson 2. FS Rd. 475, 2nd pull off to Sycamore Flats [NC] 100 yards up from sycamore flats n/a Joshua Baggett
71d18h12m @Davidson 2. FS Rd. 475, 2nd pull off to Sycamore Flats [NC] Downstream of coontree, before shut in n/a Joshua Baggett
79d15h28m @Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] Tuxedo dam history too low to run John Pilson
79d15h35m @Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] Tuxedo history stuff too low to run John Pilson
80d05h33m @Davidson 2. FS Rd. 475, 2nd pull off to Sycamore Flats [NC] Log jam June 2018 2.5’ n/a Joshua Baggett
80d14h08m @Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] Hammer Factor Flood a good level John Pilson
80d15h28m @Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] French Broad May 2018 Graph high runnable John Pilson
80d17h15m @Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] Tuxedo Flow Levels Over Dam high runnable John Pilson
85d09h26m @Upper Creek Raven Cliff Gorge to FR 982 [NC] Wesley Murphy 0 cfs Amos Ivey
88d09h46m @Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] Old Notch 5 inches John Pilson

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