Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
3y245d03h29m @Madawaska River Lower [ON] Rifle at high water n/a Kevin Amirault
3y245d03h29m @Madawaska River Lower [ON] Trying to surf @ The Narrows 0 cfs Kevin Amirault
3y245d03h35m @Madawaska River Lower [ON] Loop attempt at Hass's Hole 0 cfs Kevin Amirault
4y282d23h08m @Ottawa Middle Channel [ON] Sattler's Hole on McCoy's Rapid n/a Ed Wallace
5y309d19h27m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] Whitman Dam Road 5300 cfs Doug Heym
6y23d06h31m @Ottawa Middle Channel [ON] Iron Ring July 2014 5.75 ft Ed Wallace
7y17d18h09m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] 5th Ledge/Rapid from Bottom n/a Doug Heym
7y17d18h12m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] 5th Ledge/Rapid n/a Doug Heym
7y17d18h14m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] 4th Rapid n/a Doug Heym
7y17d18h16m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] 3rd Rapid n/a Doug Heym
7y17d18h18m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] 2nd Ledge, Right n/a Doug Heym
7y17d18h19m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] 2nd Ledge, Middle n/a Doug Heym
7y17d18h23m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] 2nd Ledge, Left n/a Doug Heym
7y66d04h01m @Goulais North of Searchmont [ON] Report of June 9, 2013 7.80 m Doug Heym
8y362d20h08m @Ottawa Middle Channel [ON] ST shoot 0 cfs jack orr
8y362d20h14m @Ottawa Main Channel [ON] push button n/a jack orr
9y24d20h12m @Ottawa Main Channel [ON] Blunt 0 cfs jack orr
9y24d20h14m @Ottawa Main Channel [ON] Carnage abounds 0 cfs jack orr
9y27d18h46m @Ottawa Main Channel [ON] Level dropping (may rise if dams are open) 1.00 ft Alberto Martel
> 10 years @Ottawa Middle Channel [ON] Approaching Butterfly low runnable level Andi Harbour