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Report - Recent Reports

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.


When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
28d19h57m @Little Luckiamute [OR] Osmosis Falls n/a Priscilla Macy
55d18h55m @Deschutes K. US 26 (Warm Springs) to Sherars Falls [OR] Deschutes River Trip 4400 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
58d20h07m @Rock Creek (Clackamas) Sunnyside Road to Carver Road [OR] Waterfall n/a Priscilla Macy
91d13h15m @Lawson Creek Fry Place to Oak Flat [OR] Saturation Station n/a Jacob Cruiser
92d10h02m @Little Luckiamute [OR] Catalyst n/a Jacob Cruiser
92d10h14m @Little Luckiamute [OR] Second attempt at finding the put in for the Little Lucky n/a Jacob Cruiser
92d10h17m @Little Luckiamute [OR] Not the standard put in n/a Jacob Cruiser
92d12h05m @Rogue, North Fork 1. Natural Bridge to Woodruff Bridge [OR] Snowy Put In at Gate n/a Priscilla Macy
92d12h12m @Santiam, Little North (Classic Opal) 2. Gold Creek to Three Pools [OR] Put in at the Trailhead. n/a Priscilla Macy
92d12h15m @Santiam, N. 2. Big Cliff Dam to Packsaddle Park [OR] Put in off the road n/a Priscilla Macy
92d12h23m @Quartzville Creek Above Gregg Creek to Green Peter Reservoir [OR] Upper Quartzville Put-In n/a Priscilla Macy
92d12h26m @Lawson Creek Fry Place to Oak Flat [OR] Walking into Lawson Creek n/a Jacob Cruiser
92d12h28m @Lawson Creek Fry Place to Oak Flat [OR] Hole crashing on Lawson n/a Jacob Cruiser
92d12h30m @Illinois 2 - Miami Bar to Oak Flat (31 miles) [OR] Scout Camp Put-In n/a Priscilla Macy
92d12h30m @Lawson Creek Fry Place to Oak Flat [OR] Lawson Survey n/a Jacob Cruiser
110d10h59m @Clackamas 3. Three Lynx Power Station to North Fork Reservoir [OR] Hole in the Wall Access 0 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
120d17h55m @Clackamas 3. Three Lynx Power Station to North Fork Reservoir [OR] Clackamas River Access Site Tour 920 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
138d13h55m @Umpqua, N. 1. Soda Springs to Deadline Falls [OR] North Umpqua 1450 cfs Andrew T Taylor
149d04h20m @Deschutes 08. River Rim Park to Farewell Bend Park [OR] Dammit 2000 cfs Kaelan Hendrickson
157d14h55m @Rogue 5. Grave Creek (Galice) to Foster Bar (Agness) (34 miles) [OR] Rogue River Trip 5500 cfs Thomas O'Keefe

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