Sabine River - Toledo Bend Spillway

Sabine River, Louisiana, US/Texas, US


Toledo Bend Spillway

Usual Difficulty II (for normal flows)
Length 0.5 Miles


Photo by Roman Ryder taken 09/23/11

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River Description


The Toledo Bend Spillway is the premier whitewater location in Louisiana. The class I and II rapids here can be accessed by road and run nearly year round. It is an ideal training ground for both beginning paddlers learning the ropes and expert paddlers honing their skills. It is also a popular location for fishing, swimming, and tubing.

To check the status of the spillway gates, visit the Sabine River AuthorityPlease comment if you experience any access problems.

This reach is near the Toledo Bend Dam in Texas.


This release schedule is expected to go into effect in September of 2016.


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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.2Moccasin RapidIIPlayspot
0.4Roman's PlaygroundIIWaterfall Playspot Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Moccasin Rapid (Class II, Mile 0.2)

Moccasin rapid is really wide with lots of rocks, so lines are only limited by your imagination. At the normal 144cfs, it's a very shallow class I rapid. At higher flows, it becomes a class II with numerous waves and holes to catch on the fly and a few nice ones with eddy access.

Roman's Playground (Class II, Mile 0.4)

Roman's Playground

Roman's Playground
Photo by Roman Ryder taken 09/09/09

This is the lower rapid below the spillway. It has a small waterfall with breaking waves. At the normal 144cfs, there's a couple moves required at the top and some fun eddys to try to catch on the way down. At higher flows, some nice slides come into play on river left and there are numerous places to surf. It also has a strong eddy line for stern squirts!

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September 12 2011 (2685 days ago)
Roman RyderDetails
Watch out for fishing line in Roman's Playground!