Lake Michigan - Various (Indiana) locations

Lake Michigan, Indiana, US


Various (Indiana) locations

Usual Difficulty I-V (for normal flows)

River Description

When sailboats are heading for cover due to 'Small Craft Warnings", experienced kayakers might want to head to the lake. This shore gets great sweeping swells under a good variety of wind directions.

Forecast wave heights are generally reported in ranges.
At 1-2', generally forget it -- things are too tame to really get any surfs.
At 2-4', tame entertainment may be found.
At 3-5', you'll start catching some more worthwhile rides.
At 4-7', expect some sweet rides.
Above that, things start to get epic.
(See "Flow Info" tab for info on lake reports.)

DO NOT TAKE LAKE SURFING LIGHTLY! This is a whole different challenge than the river! On the river, each feature (wave or hole) is relatively 'constant' at a given flow. On the lake, every wave changes as it heads toward shore. When waves break, they can have powerful force as the weight of many gallons of water crash down on you. Having some sort of anti-implosion device for your sprayskirt is imperative at larger wave heights. Especially when waves are up, there will likely be strong currents sweeping out and down the shore. If your skirt implodes and your boat fills with water, each successive wave will hit you, making it like trying to run a class III (or higher) river with a swamped boat, but here there are NO EDDIES! Any time waves are larger than 2-3' you should not boat alone. The combination of wind and waves and currents can make self-rescue far more difficult than on any river you'll encounter in the Midwest.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
2.0"Shooters"/Whiting Park / Whihala Beach County ParkN/AAccess Playspot
23.5West Beach / Ogden DunesN/A
32.0Indiana DunesN/A
37.4Beverly ShoresN/A
44.0Michigan CityN/AAccess

Rapid Descriptions

(Class N/A)

Obviously there are innumerable locations in Indiana (on the 'South Shore' of Lake Michigan) where one could access the lake for possible surfing action. What follows are just a few known, popular spots.

Do you know of a location where the surfing action is just 'too sweet' (when the wind and waves are right)?
Please feel free to "Add a Comment" or "Report" detailing any additional 'hot spots' you are aware of on 'the big pond'.

Just to have some consistent means of logical order, locations are being listed from West to East, from the Illinois/Indiana border to the Indiana/Michigan border. (Listed 'distance' is derived from Google driving directions, using a starting point of IL/IN state line and ending as close as possible via road access to each beach.)

"Shooters"/Whiting Park / Whihala Beach County Park (Class N/A, Mile 2.0)

Immediately East of the Horseshoe Casino, this beach offers an easy carry to the water. Another beach just to the east (Whiting Park) is a popular spot for board-surfing (and is known as "Shooters"). There is a long-range lakefront plan which may somewhat change access and viability of this location for surfing/boating. Info on this plan is available at: Whiting Indiana Lakefront Plan

Indiana Dunes (Class N/A, Mile 32.0)

There is an Indiana Dunes State Park (about where the maker associated with this listing is), and there is the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, which actually refers to a fairly long expanse of the lakeshore, from West of West Beach to Michigan City!

If someone says "We're meeting at Indiana Dunes", you had better get a bit more detail.

Beverly Shores (Class N/A, Mile 37.4)

(Location of best access, launch, and waves uncertain. Beverly Shores refers to a good stretch of beach and property in this area.)

Michigan City (Class N/A, Mile 44.0)

"... one of the best spots on the lake for kayaking the surf. With the wind in the right direction you can get big waves ... 12-15 footers ..."

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